Guruprakash Ayurvedic Centre

Hereditary Ayurvedic hospital with more- than- a-century-old legacy...

Guruprakash Ayurvedic Centre was founded by Guru, Guruprakash (Ebraham Vaidyan) in 1899 at Kovalam, an internationally famed tourist destination in Kerala, India. His followers were Joseph Vaidyan, Daniel Vaidyan, Hendry Vaidyan and Stuvert Vaidyan. Daniel Vaidyan was a friend and co-worker of Sree Narayana Guru, a great social reformer of Kerala. They both held consultation with people and gave them treatment at a place in Kunnumpuram, near Kovalam. At present, the fifth generation member, Shri D. H. Stuvert Vaidyan, who is the Managing Director of the Centre, oversees the functioning of the hospital. Dr. Pushpa Stuvert and Dr. Raja Ratnam are the Chief consulting doctors, here.

Vaidya Kalanidhi
Shri D. H. Stuvert Vaidyan
( Managing Director)
Tel : +91 93874 90333
Dr. Pushpa Stuvert
B. A, B. A. M, M.I.I.N.T
(Chief Physician)
Tel : +91 93877 38547

Dr. Divya Stuvert
(MS (ENT))
Tel : +91 94810 28050
Dr. Cinthea Stuvert
(Emergency Doctor)
Tel : +91 94479 31256


Guruprakash Ayurvedic Centre is located at Vellar Junction on the way from the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport to Kovalam. It is at a walking distance from the Kovalam junction. The building, which houses the Ayurvedic centre, stands on an ideal landscape with lush green surroundings.

Our specialties

Guruprakash Ayurvedic Centre has all the required facilities for rendering standard Ayurvedic treatments. Moreover, all treatments are charged nominally. The Centre also keeps a botanical garden, comprising more than 500 varieties of herbs. Fresh and medicated oxygen emanating from these herbs makes the atmosphere refreshing and rejuvenating. A solacing serenity prevails in this centre, which provides a conducive atmosphere for the treatment, yoga and meditation, all of which can be had from here. Guruprakash Ayurvedic Centre also doing Ayurveda therapy training certificate course.

Panchakarma treatment, Natural treatment, Massage and Yogasanam are the areas we have specialized in. Well Equipped Medical Laboratory, and a registered Ayurvedic Medicine manufacturing unit under the name Gurupraksh Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals (Kovalam) are annexed to the centre. The herbs grown here are also used for preparing various medicines in the manufacturing unit. To carry out the Panchakarma treatments, Enna Thoni made of woods of trees such as Kanjiram and Veppu are used. (Enna Thoni is a wooden tub on which the patient is made to lie down, while undergoing the treatment). At present we have five Enna Thonies and five patients can be treated at a time.

The interiors of the centre are very cool as most part of the roofing is thatched with coconut palm leaves. The floor is tiled and the toilets are well-furnished giving an overall hygienic appearance. The walls are paneled with bamboo pieces and mats. This gives an attractive look and generates a natural, eco-friendly feeling.

The centre treats the patients with Government approved Ayurvedic medicines conforming to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. Some medicines prepared here are also used in some cases, which have worked wonders among the patients. The preparation of some of these medicines is kept a family secret, which is handed over to generation next as a custom.

We have here two doctors and a team of trained male and female masseurs or Panchakarma Assistants, who carry out the treatment. Our doctor's panel include Dr. Pushpa Stuvert, (B.A., B.A.M., M.I.I.N.T) and Dr. Raja Ratnam, (B.A.M, M.D, Retired professor of Govt. Panchakarma Hospital, Poojapura).

Tourists, heading towards Guruprakash Ayurvedic Centre from both inside and outside India, are given boarding facilities too, while they undergo a particular treatment. The centre also gets a considerable amount of bookings for consultation from tourists who come to stay in nearby hotels. Before the treatment begins, the patient is briefed about the method of treatment, medicines used, its action and reaction in the body.

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