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Here, at Guruprakash Ayurvedic Centre, we give effective treatments on the lines of traditional Ayurveda for a number of ailments. You may pause for a moment to wonder if it is possible to get the best of Ayurveda at such a not-at-all-expensive tariff. Believe in us...we are here to serve you and give you the top class Ayurvedic treatment. Wherever you may go you will rarely find such an Ayurvedic centre with such a lot of specialties. We also have some special offer for you...with body massage you get totally free, steam bath and medicated water bath. Go though the tariff-treatment info given below and see what is best for you.


Treatment for proper blood circulation of this body and relaxation of mind

One Day - US $ 30 INR - Rs. 1,350/-


Treatment for proper blood circulation of this body and relaxation of mind

One Day - US $ 30 INR - Rs. 1,350/--


Treatment for general weakness, sexual weakness, circulatory problems, disease of various nervous systems, pain, stiffness of joints,
hemiplegia, rheumatic complaints, etc.

One day - US $ 50 INR - Rs. 2250/-


In this treatment, special type of rice processed with milk and special decoction filled in muslin bags are tied up in the form of boluses
and applied on the entire or part of the body daily about 60 to 90 minutes. This is done for 7 to 14 days.

One Day - US $ 30 INR - Rs. 1575/-


Done with fresh herbs, cooked in Ayurvedic oil and packed into bags and applied over the body by experts.

One Day - US $ 35 INR - 1,575/-


Traditional Ayurvedic Massage for the whole body with medicated oil. This for making the body strong

One day - 60 minutes - US $ 30 INR - 1,350/-


Treatment is for low back ache and urinary disorders. In this treatment the person is made to sit in a tub filled with medicated water.

One day - US $ 15 INR - 675/-

8.Nasyam and Thalam

Treatment for mental relaxation. Medicated oil is applied through nostrils and herbal powder with oil is applied on head.

One day - US $ 15 INR - 675/-


Treatment for facial paralysis, headache, visual problems, memory ailments and sleeping disorders.

One day - US $ 40 INR - 1800/-


Treatment for eye diseases and visual impairments

One day - US $ 15 INR - 675/-


Treatment for backache, constipation, weakness of lower limbs, piles, sexual dysfunction etc

i. Mathra Vasthi - 1 day US $ 12 INR - 540/-
i. Sneha Vasthi - 1 day US $ 12 INR - 540/-
Kashaya Vasthi - 1 day US $ 15 INR - 675/-

12. Dhara

Treatment for disturbed sleep, mental problems, skin diseases and blood pressure. It is also done for cleaning the nervous system, and for good memory power.

Thyladhara - 1 day US $ 35 INR - 1500/-
Thakradhara - 1 day US $ 50 INR - 2250/-
Steam Bath - 1 day US $ 25 INR - 1125/- -
Medicated Steam - 1 day US $ 25 INR - 1125/-

13.Yoga & Meditation

Per Session US $ 14 INR 600/-

This treatment is for proper blood circulation of the body and relaxation of mind

One day US $ 20 INR 900/-

This includes two types of massages:
a) Medicated herbal powder massage
b) Medicated herbal oil massage
These two massages will take 28 days. Intake of herbal juice, herbal preparations and Ayurvedic diet is advisable during this period.

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